Tanuj Bansal.

Kabul. There has been clashes going on from last week in Panjshir valley between The Taliban and The National Resistance Force. NRF has raised hell for Taliban killing its hundreds of fighters.

The Taliban has suffered heavy casualities fighting against the Resistance Force made by Ahmed Massoud and Ex-Vice President of Afghans Amrullah Saleh. They have made Panjshir a Death Valley for Taliban. The Battle is going on in Khavak and on the night of 31st august, The Taliban has 350 casualities and 40 are captured. This valley, home to a Tajik tribe always been a death zone for Taliban as it is the home of the Lion of Panjshir Ahmed Shah Massoud , the powerful guerilla commander during resistance against soviet invasion and he fought against Taliban and was the leading opposition commander until his assassination on September 9, 2001 and now his son Ahmed is leading his father’s legacy and is responsible for holding back Taliban from Panjshir valley.

Panjshir valley is the only province which has not been fallen into the dirty hands of Taliban and thousands of opposition fighters are believed to have got together there. Saleh said they are ready to die and added that the fight is for people of his county he said “Our Resistance is to defend the rights of all Afghan citizens. The resistance is based in Panjshir valley, not for Panjshir and for Panjshir. Today, this valley hosts all the country and is a hope for all the Afghan people who are escaping from oppression, revenge, prejudice, slipping on people’s property and your dark thinking, If the nation trusts you a bit, then why are people lining up on country’s borders”. Saleh is urging to focus on Taliban’s actions not their words which are clearly visible.

With the battle going on, The resistance also claimed that Al-Qaeda has joined the Taliban.


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