Rising Population: Shrinking Resources


Nancy Tirthani
. There are many small and big problems facing the world today. Each country is trying to solve them in its own way. Its ever increasing population is a serious problem in front of India. Due to this rapidly increasing population, all the plans for its development and progress are failing. Now the population of India has crossed the figure of 7.1 billion

The problem of population growth gives rise to many other problems. Some basic needs of every person are food, clothing and shelter. Today, lakhs of people in the country do not get enough food, do not get clothes to cover their bodies and due to lack of houses they are forced to sleep under the open sky.

Upon independence, India made rapid progress in agriculture, industries and business, many dams were built for irrigation, a network of canals was laid, tube wells were provided and scientific farming was encouraged. The increase in production was also substantial. Despite this, our country is counted among the developing countries of the world. Because of our growing population. Because of this, our food grains are never fulfilled, sometimes wheat is reduced, sometimes rice and sometimes sugar has to be imported. There is also a shortage of edible oils. Due to the increasing population, the demand for goods also increases continuously. Long lines are seen at ration shops.

The second side effect of increasing population has emerged as the problem of unemployment. Even after registering their names in employment offices for years, eligible young men and women are not able to get jobs. The proverb ‘one pomegranate is a hundred sick’ is true. A crowd is visible all around. These unemployed youths become victims of despair and indulge in subversive activities.

It is this population growth that destroys medical facilities and transport facilities as well. Patients are always surrounded by doctors even after new hospitals are created. Even after stuffing the passengers in buses and trains, not everyone gets the opportunity to travel.

India is the second largest country in the world in terms of population. One-sixth of the world’s population lives in India, while its area is only 2.54 percent of the world’s area. We have tripled our population in the last fifty-five years. The rate of population growth of India is 2.11 percent. If this rate does not fall, then all of us will have to face a serious crisis in the near future. Therefore, today it is the duty of every citizen of the country to think seriously about this problem and give his support in overcoming it, then only the coming generation will be able to live in peace.


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