Nancy Tirthani
. Youth is the back bone of any nation. They can make or destroy the nation. Society has three parts. They work jointly with each other. These parts are children, youth and elderly people. Children and elderly people don’t have that much strength and dynamism because of aging and natural cause. Youths are having tremendous energy. Youth I-con and great Scholar and monk Swami Vivekananda said,” young persons are like steel or stone. They can break rock. I believe that working for any social change requires massive energy and spirit. Hence, I request the youth to amplify both their mental energy and physical fitness.” He wanted from the youth, muscles of Iron & nerves of the steel” It can be imagined as the power of youth.

“Today, the youth is exceptionally responsible and they just need to be encouraged in their quest of justice for common benefit”

At present the whole world is immersed in the darkness of materialism. Even they are not coming out of the stupor of their privacy, their self interest, their happiness and sorrow. Where does every citizen stand, amidst challenges of national unity, trust, life goals and responsibility towards the nation? In this stage, youth has been called the immense unit of mass resource.

Is the youth dynamic and vibrant in the main stream of development, faith and unity? In such a situation we have to introspect the words like “nation, national unity and youth again. It is not that such questions have been raised for specific reason. Maithilisharan Gupt, a famous national poet has written a few lines before independence as a call of recognition of our identity in Bharat Bharati; “Who were we, what happened and who we will

be, come together and think” But in the midst of all this, youth with the empty handed titles, certificates is being neglected bearing the pain of unemployment. Young people are looking for the work which suits their capabilities. How to make youth suitable and competent is also a complex question. Above all these questions, as an individual, civic responsibility is associated with the youth.

Civic obligation can become the identity of youth power. Perhaps in today’s entire world a person going through a period of disorientation can be youth, why so? These are certain questions, but this question is not the final truth. Youth power is most active and energetic part of our mass resource. History is a witness, that in every change and struggle, youth has played its role. The present time is the period of globalization. The glare of communication mediums, transient vehicles, physical facilities have changed everything. Whole world is taken aback by the light of a strange movement. New innovations are being made in various fields. Current need has changed. The thinking of man has changed but in a country of diverse languages and customs, the tone of unity has not changed.

The youth is making its presence everywhere in search of livelihood. Some where there is a scientist, somewhere administrator & somewhere creator of voluntary organizations. Now the youth is in the most vibrant role in the society.

All you know Maharani Laxmi Bai, the great hero of freedom struggle was quite young. Tatya Tope, Tipu Sultan & many others, they all were young. Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi who prepared all countrymen against British was young. Neta Ji Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Ram Prashad Bismil and thousands of freedom fighters, who were martyred for the dignity, respect and defence of the country, were mostly young. “Every youth is a manpower & the sky of faith, most pleasant beam of light of nationality, ultimate warrior and watchman of the society” So they should be give more opportunities.

Today again, the creative contribution is necessary in the protection of human values. It is necessary to provide the right direction to its energy. The youth of India is fully dedicated to nationalism and its welfare provided we understand them instead of underestimating them.


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