Salman has lost his temper due to Arijit Singh’s joke, Sajid-Ashutosh also had a heated argument on stage


Singer Arijit Singh, who came to receive the award for the song Tum Hi Ho, was ridiculed by Salman a lot

Shivani Agarwal

Fights of award ceremony: Popular actor Will Smith slapped host Chris Rock at the Oscars ceremony on Sunday. Chris made fun of Will’s wife Jada Pinkett’s hair, which enraged Will and slapped her on stage at the moving ceremony. This fight in the Oscar award ceremony is in the headlines, although even before this, the fights of the Indian award function have also made a lot of headlines-

Salman insults Arijit

Singer Arijit Singh, who came to receive the award for the song Tum Hi Ho, was ridiculed by Salman a lot. All the singers had to sit and wait for 6 hours at the award night. When Arijit told Salman and Riteish Deshmukh on stage that you people put him to sleep, in response, Salman said – ‘It is not our fault in this, such songs (you are the one) will keep playing, so the audience will sleep’.

Salman made fun of Mithun

After the debate of Salman Arijit, Mithun, who wrote the lyrics of the song Tum Hi in this ceremony, received the Best Lyrics Award. When Mithun reached the stage, he replied to Arijit’s insult to Salman and said, ‘Tum hi ho song has not made people sleep, it has awakened’. On this Salman said- ‘Hey, your singers have come to sleep’. Mithoon further said, ‘Arijit has sung very patiently, and this patience is the need of the music industry’.

On the stage, Salman makes fun of Mithun while taking out the paper sticking in his pants, to which Mithun replied, ‘You keep it sitting for 6 hours, so this happens. Hearing this, Salman first laughs and later shouts in a loud voice, ‘Ho gaya yours, ab niklo here se’. All the audience of the function is shocked to hear this. Later, Mithun also laughs at them and says, ‘I am not afraid of you’. The enmity between Salman Khan and Arijit Singh started only after this anecdote.

Sajid Khan- Ashutosh Gowariker

Star Screen Awards host Sajid Khan was making fun of every winner. When Ashutosh Gowariker received the award for the film Jodha Akbar, he reprimanded Sajid fiercely on stage. Soon there was a heated argument between the two.

Kamal Rashid Khan threw the award

Gold Award hosts Ali Asghar and Suresh Menon jokingly showed the audience a funny performance of Kamal Rashid Khan on stage. After this both of them announced that KRK is being given the Life Time Achievement Bucket Award. Instead of taking the award jokingly, Kamal got furious. He said, ‘Both of you clowns have shown your mettle. Joker of two rupees, Joker will remain for life. Later, Kamal threw the award and left the function, pushing Suresh.

Argument between Varun Dhawan and Shahid

During the Filmfare Awards, host Varun named Shammi Kapoor, Mithun Da, Govinda, Hrithik and himself among the five trendsetter dancers in the industry. Angered by this, Shahid Kapoor took the mic and said, ‘What are you doing Varun, leave my name, there are many people here, how can you take your own name’. To this Varun said, ‘Let me tell you, maybe I should call you sir, because you are doing very serious cinema. Papa, what is it, you left me, so I caught. You gave up dancing. Shahid started arguing with him angrily on this matter.

Neil Nitin Mukesh furious with Shahrukh Khan’s question

During the Filmfare Award function, Shahrukh asked Neil what is your surname. Neil, Nitin Mukesh are all three first names. Angered by this question, Neil reprimanded him fiercely and said that this is a very poor question. You often talk like this while standing in the podium of Filmfare, but I found it really insulting. I think you both should shut up.


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