Science:- Boon or Curse


Nancy Tirthani
The word ‘science’ means special knowledge. Human beings have been inventing new things since time immemorial. The era we are living in today is the age of science. On the one hand, human life has been made happy by the inventions of science, on the other hand, new methods of its destruction have also come out.

It is widely accepted that science has provided many comforts to human beings. This fact is reflected in all the incidents related to human life. Science has revolutionized human life by inventing electricity. Electricity provided light and power to man, due to which he has been successful in running many machines. He can eat the cool air of Shimla while sitting at home and keep the room warm in winters.

Science has presented many tools in the field of entertainment. Radio, Tape Recorder, Television, VCR Everything is a product of science. New musical instruments are coming in the market every day. Doordarshan is the most popular medium of news and entertainment.

Science has made great progress in the medical world. Today it has become possible for humans to operate the heart and brain. New medicines are being made every day. All this is the result of scientific tests. Medical science has given eyes to the blind and ears to the deaf. He has made life beautiful and long. The achievements of science in the field of transport are astonishing. The invention of the wheel has set a very high stage of progress today. We are now living in the ‘jet-age’. Airplanes moving faster than sound are available to humans.

Science has done wonders in the field of information technology. Connecting computers to the Internet has made our lives very convenient. Now our life seems incomplete without computer. But today a big question has appeared in front of man that due to the continuous new inventions of science, this changed situation will be a boon or a curse for him? This question has arisen because, on the one hand, human beings are using science in their own interest, while on the other hand they are getting trapped in the vortex web of terrible weapons. Today one country is suppressing another country on the basis of scientific power. Today, the country which has more scientific power, that country is taking pride in itself.

Some people consider science to be a curse because it has given birth to great weapons of destruction. Weapons have been created in such a deadly way that the whole world can be destroyed in a few minutes. The nuclear arms race is increasing in the world today.

We have to save science from the curse. Its power has to be used in public welfare works. We have to end the blind arms race, only then will science become a boon.


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