Season 5 of Money heist is almost here


Netflix shared a glimpse to their fans of famous Spanish series

Nancy Tirthani
Etawah. Its Time for the Money Heist. For Indian audience the latest season for Spanish series Money Heist 5 will get released today September 3 at 12:30pm. As the release time is getting closer, the curiosity in fans is rising because the all new season of Money Heist 5 will answer many question that fans have raised.

Netflix Shared a 15-minute clip of first episode of Money Heist 5 ‘volume1’ with the fans on its social media account in the view of their curiosity.

The last episode of season 4 of Money Heist ended with bullet sounds, that imply a character getting shot. This clip that is shared by Netflix has introduce Berlin who reveals that villians have arrived and they will try to stop them from completing their mission.
The fans were eagerly waiting to get the answer on wether Nairobi’s death will be avenged or not. The glimpse that Netflix shared, has teased the audience with full- action in the Fisrt episode itself.

Further in the episode Berlin, his son and his girlfirend has been introduced. The Professor and Alicia is in a abandoned place where Alicia tries to shoot him the footage ends here and has left even more questions for the fans.


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