Tanuj Bansal

Espionage is one of oldest warfare methods designed and evolved from the earliest civilizations to the 21st century but when some people could not be bought off and compromised with money and greed that’s where seduction, love, romance and sex came into the world of espionage today knows as Sexpionage. The women are called swallow and men are called raven and these terms are coined by KGB tradecraft and their sexual entrapment are knows Honeytraps. The informally equal process they conduct afterwards is known to be conducted by women is Honeypotting and by men is Honeydicking referred in a 2014 film, The Interview after which comes recruitment of foreign operatives and officials and even high ranking official to co-operate, spy and pass information periodically to their handlers or partners. Oldest known person to be trapped by sexual means was Samson, a Biblical judge of Israelites who was seduced by Delilah his lover who used his secrets of supernatural powers to betray to Philistines. Resisting gets hard when a colored eyed woman with the edged body or a man with the face with bright and beautiful smiles, two bedroom eyes and a sensual mouth with body like of Greek god, sitting next to you is because of the attraction system in our brain which leads to dopamine and norepinephrine rush with low levels of serotonin but what is she is sitting there just to talk and then seduce, resisting gets more harder and that I also because of a system in our brain commonly knows as libido or lust which is associated with the hormones estrogen and androgen that are responsible for sexual desire after which comes the part of losing your mind because of the compassionate love, a feeling of being together for mutual parts of living and that happens because of the attachment system where the neuropeptides oxytocin and vasopressin comes into our mind and with these three emotional can cause to more decreased serotonin levels which can obsession after comes the rebellion and treachery in insidious ways of betraying your life and values and the people around you for someone you love.

This leads you to open up about your deep and dirty secrets and your personal information and even can lead you to be blackmailed and betray the people surrounding you or surrounded by you that is caused by the adrenaline rush because of fear of exposure of your dirty secrets of your pasts and the dark side you lead behind the good life you have.

With the vast number of cases emerging in the history of espionage is mostly because of the blackmailed associates and operatives and even the high ranking ones and that happens after the sex and possibility of sex which ultimately distract the one from their duties and place their have earned and is most harmful if the one is directly or indirectly involved in intelligence operations or if the one is holding information or intelligence on covert operation and security installations of a particular state they belong from as they are going to be blackmailed for co-operating, spying and passing classified and important documents.

Such cases emerged all over the world mostly in European countries and U.S and mostly accused agencies of these kinds of espionage methods are of Russia . Girls and boy were trained in Pre-Cold War era in Sexpionage schools mostly made in Soviet Russia but Post-Cold War operatives are independent contractors as Honey Traps.

Specific Examples of trapped individuals during Soviet Union Era are Sukarno, President of Indonesia, Maurice Dejean, French Ambassador, Clayton J. Lonetree, a U.S Marine guarding U.S. Embassy, U.S Army Major, James R. Hollbrook etc.

Other Notable events are Kursk Nightingale, Cynthia of Britain,

 In U.S, Former FBI Director testified that it is common practice used in intelligence world as they use against Russians because of use against them by Russians.

City Councilor of Dublin, California Eric Swalwell was target of Chinese woman, a clandestine officer of China’s Ministry of State Security known as Christine Fang.

K.V. Unnikrishnan of R&AW of India to be honey-trapped by Pan Am Air Hostess who turned out to be U.S Intelligence Officer.


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