Shares of these five companies can make good money in 2022


    If you look from the point of view of a good investor, then it will be understood that investing in companies related to 5G can be a profitable deal, because the government is working on a plan to auction spectrum this year.

    The government’s effort is to get 5G rolled out in the country as soon as possible so that the country can move forward rapidly and more and more jobs can be created. In 2022 itself, the government wants to auction the 5G spectrum so that private telecom service providers can launch it quickly in this financial year. If you look from the point of view of a good investor, then you will understand that investing in 5G related companies can be a profitable deal.
    Today we are going to tell you 5 such stocks here, which can give good returns in the coming time. But these are only possibilities and any kind of investment in the stock market is subject to risks. Before buying any stock, you must consult a certified advisor.

    Bharti Airtel

    This bluechip company is working hard for the initial rollout of 5G and has also estimated its expenditure of Rs. In the next five years, it is going to invest Rs 1.17 lakh crore through its subsidiaries Extra, Indus Towers, and Bharti Hexacom. This investment will help build India’s digital infrastructure, which will enable Airtel to launch 5G services efficiently.


    Apart from telecom companies, those companies will also be benefited from the arrival of 5G, which will make equipment for it. One such company is HFCL. The financial position of the company is improving with the increase in the company’s net profit and profit margin. Apart from this, it is also a fact that FIIs and MFs have increased their participation in this stock in the December quarter.

    HFCL Logo

    Vodafone Idea

    Technically, the condition of the debt-ridden company is also said to be good at the moment. The company is expected to increase the sources of revenue from network slicing. If the company does not delay the 5G rollout, then it will be able to give good returns to its investors.


    This is the first PSU set-up in the country, which has played a leading role in the field of Telecom. To date, the company contributes 50% to the country’s telecom network. In addition, the government’s stake in the firm is more than 90%. Also, the company has maintained strong revenue growth of around 17% in the last 3 years. The company will enable 5G deployment for commissioning as well as deployment of the communications network through its dedicated network systems unit.

    Tejas Networks

    The company is actively developing the country’s 5G strategy and is also playing its role in 5G standards. The Small-Cap Telecom Equipment Company is a leading provider of end to end optical transport solutions for telecom service providers. The company’s customers are telcos and that enable the customers to be future-ready. In the case of its shares, the company does not have any debt and the cash conversion ratio is also quite good.


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