Shilpa Shetty approached Bombay HC demanding Rs.25 crore against calumniations spoiling her reputation.


Actor Shilpa Shetty put forward her plea before Bombay HC demanding Rs.25 crore against the content posted everywhere on social media, news platforms which adversely have affected her reputation. Her husband, Raj Kundra was arrested in case related to creating pornographic films and their distribution which in the news involved her name as well. Involvement of her name, as per her allegations have pointed on her character and have damaged her reputation. The defamatory content have also smeared the image of her family including her minor kids, elderly parents and their close people to hatred. She also alleged media houses for spreading wrong and calumnious statements. Not only this, the false statements have affected her business and professional image as well.

In her plea, she demanded compensation of Rs.25 crore with apology from several media houses and the defamatory content to be deleted. Her reputation is a inextricable part of her right to life as under Article 21 of the Constitution of India, Shilpa said.


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