Some hidden Facts about Bigg Boss house that will shock you..


Preeti Sharma

If your one of those people whom are crazy about biggboss, and your waiting for the brand new session of biggboss. Then we have something interesting for you. We are going to tell you some hidden and dark secrets of BB house!!!
So lets get started with :-

  1. No holy book are allowed in BB house.
  • Well you got right, before entering in this house you have to follow rules and one of them are that you can’t carry any holy book with you. But yess if any contestant want then it can be given to them, they just have to say it on camera.

2.No political and Religious reviews!!!

  • Biggboss contestants are not allowed to give opinions about political parties or even any govt law. In addition contestants cannot talk about any religious issues on the show.
  1. Biggboss accepts contestants personal requests!!!
  • Contestants can make request to the biggboss team regarding any products e.g. cream, perfume, clothes etc. They get it easily.
    Well I don’t understand if they are in that much comfort zone then why they keep to cry and shouting everytime !!
  1. Cleaning is also done by Crew members!!!
  • We all know the fact that in biggboss house contestants have to do there own work by themselves weither it is cooking, cleaning bb house, washing clothes.
    What if I tell you that its not all what you just see in your tv. Yess, Biggboss crew members also take part in Cleaning process . They usually came inside the house after lights out to clean some portions of biggboss house because they also want biggboss house to look beautiful in cameras. All of these efforts are just to impress you audience!!!
  1. Quit the show & Pay huge amount as fine!!!

Every contestant sign a contract with biggboss team before entering in this house. So, according to this contract, contests can quit the show but they will have to pay a huge amount of fine i.e 2 crores.

  1. Salmaan khan doesn’t watch the whole episode!!

You may have noticed that many times salmaan has said this thing, that he has watched the entire episode while interacting with contestants in “Weekend ka waar”. Well guys that is not at all like that salmaan khan only watch the footage shared with him by the team.

  1. Payment of contestants!!!
  • Well is something which you should know actually there are two ways of giving salary to contestants , the most common is giving salary on weekly basis for eg. Session 13’s most favourite character angry young man Sidharth shukla got 9 lakh pr week while drama queen rashmi desai got 15 lakh pr week . While some contestants get paid once for whole session eg. Rimi sen got 2 crores for whole session.
  1. Paranormal Activities in BB house!!!
  • Many contestants have said that biggboss house is haunted. Moreover some crew members also agreed with this. On the other hand some Crew members and contestants believe that its just their imagination.
  1. Mirror- Mirror everywhere !!!
  • Well guys you all would be thinking that why is BB house so much decorated with mirrors. All of you must be knowing that there are around 150 cameras in the house but have you noticed there are so many mirrors present on every wall. Actually they are seeing-through mirrors and on the other hand, cameraman are present to record every activity of BB house.
  1. BiggBoss is scripted ??
  • Well I know this was the question you were waiting for. Biggboss is a reality show but is it real. The answer is no because the eviction process is partially fixed. Biggboss doesn’t evict contestants only on the basis of voting. In addition to votes, biggboss team also focuses on the fact that which celebrity is for beneficial for show, whose getting more TRP’S for the show, for e.g sehnaaz gill, asim riaz and many other names are their whom were not getting enough votes at the beginning of show but still they survived and many famous contestant like bhojpuri star “kheshar” or famous model himanshi khurana got evicted. Show its all about TRP’S guys!!!!

Well I think know you all get the fact that reality show always have some hidden realities!! So guys if you liked the content and want more interesting facts then stay connected with


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