100k to 7million in just one year.

Jaipur. Sourav Joshi vlogs a household name when it comes to vlogs in India. This channel has only 100k subs in 2020 and now in august 2021 its has crossed a milestone of 7 million subscriber can you imagine in just one years. Even the youtuber following vlogs for years on YouTube have not reached half of it yet. By the way Sourav makes portraits and have its main channel named as Sourav Joshi arts which only have sub counts of 1.91M subscriber. So why Sourav become so popular in vlog category and what is the reason behind growing so fast.

After following Sourav Joshi’s vlog I personally more than 4 months I have find few things which can be a major reason –

  • Punctuality – Sourav upload his vlogs on exact 9 in a morning.
  • Regularity- he never missed his daily vlogs at least after becoming popular. It doesn’t matter if he has to edit his videos in late night.
  • Simplicity- Sourav never shows off his fame he tries to stay on ground treat fans equally and try to meet them at least ones in a day. He buys things from local shops, eat food from any random hotel he doesn’t go for big chains to maintain his life style.
  • Unfiltered vlogs- Sourav shows how he actually is and how his family is he never tries to hide things from his fans until its confidential.
  • Acceptance- Sourav accepts that he is famous because of his younger brother Piyush. He too accepts portrait and art as his main domain and career.
  • X Factor- His X factor is his younger brother Piyush who make even a boring vlog interesting and funny.
  • Strategy- His strategy is writing a title as simple as it can yet tells a part of story which make viewers curios.


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