Students and politics


Nancy Tirthani
A student is one who practices learning.
Politics is the science that brings security and order in countries. India is a fully sovereign democratic republic. In our constitution, every citizen has the right to vote, which means that we should form our own government. If we do not review the political conditions of the country while we live, then as adults, we will be unable to vote impartially and with poor conscience.

This does not mean that students should take an active part in politics. Student’s life is a life of restraint, tenacity and sacrifice and political life is like a game of chess, just as there are bets and tricks in the game of chess, similarly there are bets and screws in politics, so student’s participation in politics Not preferable.

It is true that the student has contributed a lot in the independence of India. In 1942, the students took part in active politics and laid down their lives for the country.

But today the country is free. We have to build New India. This is possible only if the student is an ideal student and the criterion of an ideal student is that he should be absorbed in making physical progress while doing school. He has to make his introvert.

In politics it is necessary to keep attitudes outward. If we do not know what is happening in the country and in the world then we will be unable to do a political analysis of the situation. It is necessary for a politician to be far-sighted, micro-sighted, clever, efficient, tolerant, patient and timely. Chanakya was a diplomat. On the strength of the policy, he destroyed the Nanda dynasty and got the kingdom for Chandragupta.

Open participation in politics does not keep the student’s interest in education. The student goes astray from the purpose of getting education.

A student has to follow a dual policy to participate in politics. It is a matter of setting foot in two boats. By participating in politics, the talk of ‘maya mili na ram’ happens to the student. Neither can he study properly nor can he take part in active politics, because nowadays diplomacy is considered as politics. Therefore, the student should not take an active part in politics so that he can only be able to study seriously.


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