Swami Vivekanand And His Message To Youth


Nancy Tirthani
Swami Vivekanand said a varied set of message covering almost every aspect of life for the youth. The most important for one being, “the control over the human senses”. He used to say that India is a country where spirituality and self discovery have developed. He said that many civilizations like the Greek civilizations, the Roman civilizations etc developed at a particular period of time, they were at the height of their power but with the passage of time, they rotted away.

He said that India did not attack any country first and this is the reason we are still alive and developing. He gave a very interesting example highlighting the spirituality of the Indian people. He said “if you ask any European or, American about politics, he would firstly say that he is a radical or conservative while if you ask the same to an Indian farmer, he would become puzzled. Although if you would ask him about spirituality, he will say that India is like a sleeping person. We have to wake him up, to realize his potential. Spirituality is only a matter of interest for Indians. But after all this, he would also add that we have to remember the old saga of development of India.” The problem with Indians is that they do not want to do anything new and they just want to keep themselves contended with their past glories.

He said that western people believe in theory of ‘survival of the fittest’. According to this theory, the one who has power can survive. If this was real, then our Indian civilization, that has not attacked any other country, would have become extinct. But no, our powers are within us and they come out at the time when they are most needed and suffuse the world. He used to say that -” our duty is not to reason why, but to do and die”.


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