The Aim of Life


Nancy Tirthani
. Human life is very rare. Blessed are those who find it. ‘Nirala’ ji said ‘the best, most blessed man’ and ‘Man! By saying you are the most beautiful, you are eternal in the written universe, Pant ji has given his support to this point. The question is, in what is the gratitude, importance or success of this rare life? The goal is to walk after deciding this question. In all the pastimes of human creation, because of his intelligence and consciousness, he is considered to be paramount. A person who wastes this precious human life in vain, keeps on regretting later that I have not done anything in life, my life has become in vain. Goal inspires man to move towards the definite path and infuses enthusiasm in his mind. As a human being, I also thought about taking my life on the right path. I felt that the condition of the country is so delicate in every respect that it is in dire need of the countrymen. Illiteracy, superstition, corruption, moral degradation, casteism, provincialism and linguism etc. are hollowing out the roots of our democracy. In such a situation, I have decided that I will grow up to become a social worker, an ideal human being, because I have never been greedy for fame and money. I know that one cannot become an ‘ideal human’ by following the example of our ancient tradition by merely extolling ideals, exhorting moral values. Such a person cannot be successful in the salvation of the nation and society, for this, feelings of sacrifice, penance, sacrifice etc. are needed. One who walks on this path often also has to be a victim of criticism. That is why it is also necessary to have restraint, tolerance etc. I am completely ready for this. I believe that on the strength of self-belief and determination, what can a person achieve? History is witness that the great men who took the initiative to improve our society were all alone. I also want to become a true social worker following his footsteps. For the attainment of this objective, first of all I am doing Vidyadhan with my heart, because ‘Sa Vidya or Vimuktye’. Good education makes a person a true human being. I am also self-studying good books. I have tried to make my life regular. Not only this, I have resolved to lead a life of regular diet and moderation. I have also put in the practice of doing regular exercise, yogasana, etc., to maintain my health. Whether I will be able to succeed in my purpose in future life, only the future will tell, but I definitely believe that if any person is determined to do something once, then he definitely succeeds. I will also grow up and spread moral values, ideals in the society. I know that God also helps those who help themselves.


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