Tanuj Bansal.

You must have read my article about the Dancing lights in the sky aka Aurora, then you might have got the idea of magic in nature and the mystery aka science behind the magic. Not just Aurora but there are numerous phenomena happens in all over the world, the magical, the magnificent beauty they yields reminds us about why nature is so important to preserve. Okay, maybe laying under the stars on a beach holding hands is the most romantic but I disagree because, just imagine, you’re sitting by the shore of a beach, it’s a summer night and the bonfire is now faded and its just you and your loved one by your side, under the dark night sky and just right after you look at the shore, you notice its glowing, you both walk to the glowing shore and you feel like all of the stars have fallen and are laying under your feet and now you’re both skinny dipping, with all these blissing underwater kisses and maybe swimming with the fishes with nothing but a sea full of stars or luminosity around you. Well, I don’t know about anyone but its kind of my dream night at a beach.

This is not just a fantasy, it can happen if you want it to, all you got to do is save money and prepare for a week-long vacation for warm sunsets and glowing beaches in the dark and a loved one is not exactly a necessary requirement unless you believe it as one because many of the times the only company, we need is of ourselves and the magic and beauty the nature yields. Book a flight to Mumbai and visit Juhu beach or Bhangram beach of Lakshadweep or Havelock Island in Andaman or Betalbatim beach in Goa or Thiruvanmiyur beach of Chennai. Its not as rare as the blue ghost fireflies of North Carolina are today but it is still kind of a luck in some of the places mentioned though I will insist to take your chances.

Now you must be thinking why and how does this happen?

This is because one of the nature’s most-awe-inspiring spectacles: Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates, they sparkle phosphorescence, this alga contains dinoflagellate luciferase which is the main enzyme involved in bioluminescence and luciferin a chlorophyl derive tetrapyrrole ring that acts as substrate to the light-producing reaction. Dinoflagellates can occur in all kinds of aquatic environments: Marine, Brackish and fresh water including snow or ice and they are also common in benthic environments and sea ice.



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