The dual role of the modern woman


Nancy Tirthani
. Looking at the history of ancient India, we know that women are given a respectable place here.

This world is changeable. Here the situation changes every moment. There was also a change in the status of the women-class. In the Mughal period, the direction of women went towards the decline. Before the attainment of independence, women have been made the victim of exploitation. Some social reformers raised their voice against this condition.

Modern youth is an era of innovation. The era of women’s freedom is going on all over the world. It has also affected the women of India. In the last two decades, a lot of progress is being made in women’s awareness. Another reason for this is the development in women’s education.

Today’s woman is going into the environment of modernity. She is struggling with many problems. Apart from social problems, he is also facing economic problems, so he has to work. She is thus trying to get the family out of the financial crisis.

Due to the employment of women, where the life of the family is becoming pleasant and prosperous, many problems are also being born there. Due to this his family is not getting the facilities which are expected from him. Her children are deprived of easy affection. An untold tension prevails in the family environment. Sometimes he has to become a victim of hooliganism, rape and molestation.

There are many bright sides to a woman’s job as well. This gives him financial freedom. There is an infusion of self-confidence in it. She can efficiently discharge her responsibilities in the society. Because of this, she can no longer be made a victim of exploitation. Now it cannot be pressured to bring dowry.

It will be beneficial for a woman to follow ‘simple living high thinking’ while doing a job. By falling in the trap of fashion, she will lose her honor and will also become a victim of wastage. Women should be aware of their rights, but should also be aware of their duties.


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