Nature’s always surprises us with many things, may leave us wondering and then we wander to have another such experience, there are still many places and species and things humans don’t know, but the exploration always goes on, nowadays after materialism has took all over us, we forgot from where our origin is, because of what, we are alive, industrialization is destroying nature, materialism is destroying our actual needs from it, time by time genetics and the whole world around us is getting weaker and still we humans don’t stop inventions of our own destruction, Fossil is own its way to extinct, at least 571 species had been lost in the time after 1750, natural ecosystems have lost about half their area and a million more species of both plants animals are at danger to extinct.

    Exactly like these species, Phausis Reticulata commonly referred as The Blue Ghosts Fireflies are endangered and its not about just this bioluminescent creature, its about every bioluminescent creature because the light pollution is one of the main reasons of endangering these species to extinct and fade away in sands of time. It will be one of the saddest encounters for all of us nature admirers and lovers of our mother earth because these creatures and their natural luminosity is something so amazingly unbelievable that any of us encountering them will have a second thought about our mind that if we are hallucinating in the dark or it’s really real. These innocent creatures, those who never hurts no one are coming at the edge of destruction because of us human who tend to hurt and destroy everything we touch and put our shadow upon.

    Blue Ghost Fireflies are found in eastern and central United States, the species known to exist at only just a few places and the light emitted by Blue Ghosts are seen by naked human eye as blueish-white from distance in the dark and greenish from a close range and this discrepancy actually happens due to Purkinje Effect. Females are flightless because they have no wings and stay at ground in larval form for their whole adulthood. As the weather warms up, these magical creatures are seen flying and lighting up their areas which stunningly so beautiful that once you have seen it by your eyes, your eyes will definitely start craving to see it again. Though it happens but just for two to four weeks a year. This rare type of fireflies only happens to glow during mating season which begins in late spring to early summer. These are not like other fireflies which flash on and off like warning light, blue ghosts glow up straight for a minute at a time, males painting the forest with streaks of bluish-white light whereas females which are wingless even after sexual maturity crawls up on leaves and foliage, just a short distance from the forest floor and then sit still and glow, so that their males can find their way to their females. The blue ghosts prefer warm and wet conditions for their eye catching mating seasons but go down in number if the area struck up with drought.


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