Like nature, space amazes us in a mesmerizing way and if you want to be awestruck by events like natural phenomena (Bioluminescence, Aurora, etc.), all you have to do is go to NASA’s website and explore because every month, there is something posted that is going to amaze you, something as beautiful as something you haven’t seen before, something so mesmerizing as the magic, something as new as something you’ve never seen before and its existence as real as of human’s is. There is no question of the space being full of magical wonders and beautiful things that cannot always be explained but NASA does its job of making us netizens understand this fact.

Is God there? Is God watching us? That’s a question being asked by every kind human since the idea of God came into existence and that’s since the human civilization began and this question is still here and NASA’s one of the biggest surprises, the photograph of pulsar wind nebula PSR B1509-58 captured by Chandra X-Ray Observatory is something that makes us more curious and makes us wonder a lot vastly and deeply about the question of the God watching us.

When you look at the photograph, you notice a shape like of a hand stretching through the deep space. It is nicknamed “Hand of God” which is a cloud of material which ejected from a supernova which is a massive explosion of a dying star which is the transient astronomical event occurs during the last evolutionary stages of massive star or when a white dwarf, of which the mass is comparable to that of the sun and its volume is comparable to that of the earth, is triggered into a nuclear fusion. The original object, the progenitor usually collapses into a neutron star or a black hole but here it resulted in a highly magnetized rotating star called a pulsar which rapidly spins around, seven times per second, firing out a particle wind into the material around it, which was ejected after the supernova. A cloud of material that looked like an open hand is the result of this explosion.

One of the biggest mysteries of this object is whether the pulsar particles are interacting with the material in a specific way to make it look like a hand or in fact, the material is actually shaped like a hand.

This Cosmic Hand was first discovered by Einstein X-Ray Observatory back in 1982. It appears approximately 1,700 years old.

Now that’s really beautiful, magical, mesmerizing and amazing all at the same time. Well, you should thank NASA for the acquaintance of the awestruck moments like this one with us netizens.


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