The level of morality is keep declining day by day


Nancy Tirthani
There is a difference in the rituals of different religions of the world or in the external law and legislation, but it is a matter of which all religions are one and it is ethical education. Speaking, not to steal, do not raise the right to anybody’s item, respecting the weakness, respect the elders, human beings, mercy, justice spirit etc. On the living, there are no religion texts. In the life of all the great men of the world, the excess of the above mentioned properties is seen. The main events of the life of religion promoters also give us the education of ethics. Ethical education makes a narrow approach to the person. She says, ‘Live and let live.’ Indian thinkers have given the same principal human in the Upanishad – ‘Vasudhave Kutumbakam’. It has been said in the Gita- “Vidya Vinay in the brahmin in the cow, in the elephant, the visionary person in the dog and the vessel in the egg of the same soul.” The Quran has been said in Sharif- “Love your neighbor.” It has been said in the Bible- “Behold the same from others, as you want them.” The above types of colors hold a great place to grooming life. If these things are absolutely boycotted, then how much progress in knowledge science can not be said to be advanced as a social unit.

Morality means respect for human values. As long as human values ​​continue to be disregarded, violence-inclination cannot be resolved from within the society and what is violence after all – the name of the culmination of immorality is violence. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that moral values ​​should be inculcated in the minds of the students through education in schools. Healthy mental development is impossible without moral education.

A nation that focuses itself on material means, however important and valuable they may be, by turning itself away from moral qualities, is like a selfless body. Therefore, there is no doubt that it is highly desirable that arrangements should be made for the teaching of moral and spiritual qualities in educational institutions. Although this task is very difficult, yet it is not impossible. If we have a strong desire for it, then the difficulties in its path can be defeated.

In today’s time, the decline in morality is visible everywhere. The number of people following moral values ​​is decreasing day by day. People’s faith in morality has started to waver. There is a crisis of values. The question is, why did this situation arise?

Due to the dominance of materialism on the society, selfishness is becoming stronger. The competition for collecting items is increasing. In an effort to accomplish this, one is no longer insistent on adopting any moral norm. He needs that thing, no matter how he gets it. In this endeavor, morality lags far behind. People interpret morality according to their convenience. For them the meaning of morality is one and for others it is different. The saying of ‘Paradesh Kushal Bahure’ applies to them.

Now the time has come when the declining standard of morality has to be stopped, otherwise immorality will prevail everywhere. The immorality in politics is corrupting the entire society. The new generation does not get any ideal from the life of our leaders. His life has become a story of deceit and manipulation. Yes, only our spiritual saints can teach morality lessons in the society through their conduct. They can stop the falling standards of morality and give direction to the people.


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