The power of character


Nancy Tirthani
. A character corrupt person has no place in the society. Everyone looks at him with humiliation. There is a saying in English that if money is lost then there is no worry, if health is lost then there is something to worry about. If character is lost, think everything is destroyed. Saccharita is the only key to a person’s honor, respect, fame and happiness.

There will be many such examples showing the importance and effect of purity of conduct, in which due to one or very few virtuous person, not only their family but country and caste have progressed and they have reached the pinnacle of respect.

The character of a virtuous person affects not only the people who come in contact with him but also on a large section of the society and it leads to moral, social and national upliftment. Any caste or nation can proudly hold their heads high on such a virtuous person. Honesty is the wealth in front of which wealth, wealth, opulence are all insignificant. Only a virtuous person can make good use of knowledge, wealth and power. If these same things are acquired by a wise wicked person, then it is said in a Sanskrit hymn explaining the difference.

That is, wicked people spend knowledge in disputes, money in items and power to trouble others, but virtuous people keep knowledge for knowledge, money for charity and power to protect others. A person of good character is self-respecting, tolerant, kind, courageous and freedom-loving.

In order to become a true character, a person has to do the sadhna of sanskar improvement continuously. A virtuous person works carefully in every practicality of life. He carefully accumulates qualities, hides his qualities, but the fragrance of a flower does not hide anywhere. Others imitate them. Considering everyone as brothers, forgetting the feeling of enmity and surrendering life with the desire for the common good, it is the lofty spirit of saccharita, that is why even the enemies of saccharita become friends. Sachcharitra should be called an unknown enemy in a way.

The effect of character-by-force is very intense. Our weaknesses start getting destroyed in front of a person of character. Even an evil dacoit like Angulimal had bowed down in front of the strength of character of Mahatma Buddha. In front of Jayaprakash Narayan, many dacoits had laid their weapons. There is immense power in character.


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