The problem of unemployment


Nancy Tirthani

Etawah. The problem of unemployment is a widespread problem. This often gives rise to many other new problems. Due to unemployment, various problems arise in the society like character- inferiority, theft-inferiority, theft, murder etc. As a result, there is corruption, initiating unrest in the society. Therefore, solutions must be found to solve the problem of unemployment. Before exploring these remedies, it would be appropriate to check the reasons.

The root cause of unemployment in India is overpopulated. Today, if two vacancies are reported in any department, then two hundred applicants appear. This condition is there in all classes educated-uneducated male and female. In the villages where one person cultivates alone, the other two or four members of the family get along at the same place. In this way the work of one person is divided among five persons, but it does not increase the production. If one person works, the remaining four people remain idle. Due to this, the efficiency of the individuals is not fully utilized and they gradually become lazy and get caught in addictions.

Cottage industries can prove to be very useful for more populous countries like India, but on one hand the population of the country is increasing day by day, and on the other hand, cottage industries are disappearing. Relatively more people can be employed in cottage industries. With the disappearance of handicrafts, the class of handicraftsmen has become completely useless.

Lack of education is also said to be the reason for unemployment, but this is not entirely true in India. Here the percentage of educated people is more in the number of unemployed. In the absence of professional or proper education, educated people here are also useless. Every year a large number of graduates and post-graduates from universities pass the examinations and stand in queues in front of the employment office. For two years, four years and sometimes even eight to ten years, no one gets a job, because it is not for them to do anything other than clerks and there is not that much vacant space for clerks or babus in offices. On the contrary, thousands of new technologies are required every year to implement the schemes. Fifty percent of the total demand is hardly met, the remaining positions remain vacant or technicians have to be called from abroad at double the salary. The direct disadvantage of this is that the pace of planning work slows down and a lot of money goes out of the country.

Being bound by caste stereotypes is also one of the reasons for unemployment. For example, a Brahmin’s child will die of hunger, but will not like to do farming or any other kind of handicraft work.

This tendency is found among the rural people that they do not like to leave their village and go out anywhere. They consider it more preferable for themselves to live in the village after eating half their stomach. Due to illiteracy, laziness, etc., the problem of unemployment cannot be solved due to such other reasons. In order to get rid of this problem, it is necessary that all the appropriate reasons are addressed.


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