The struggle of Indian farmer


Nancy Tirthani
Another name for renunciation and penance is farmer. Throughout his life, he continues to do penance to produce gold from clay. Even the scorching sun, severe cold and torrential rain do not break his sadhana. About seventy percent of the population of our country still lives in villages whose main occupation is agriculture. It is said that farmers belong to India who live in villages. Apart from giving us food grains, farmers are also saving Indian culture and civilization. This is the reason that Indian culture and civilization is more visible in villages than in cities. Agriculture is the power of the farmer soul and this is his devotion.

In the present context, the farmer in our country is the modern Vishnu. He is giving food, fruits, greens, vegetables etc. to the whole country, but in return he is not even getting his remuneration. From the ancient times till now, the life of the farmer has been spent in deprivation. The farmer is hardworking as well as leading a simple life. due to lack of time.

The requirements are also very limited. His biggest need is water. If it doesn’t rain on time that • becomes depressed. Its daily routine remains the same. The farmer wakes up like a vigilant watchman in Brahmamuhurta. He does not sleep at home but sleeps where his livestock is. Serves livestock as soon as he wakes up. After this his field of work is of the field and his feet automatically get up.

He works hard all day long. Bath-food etc. is often done on the farms itself. At dusk, carrying the bulls on his shoulders, he returns home. The farmer does not get distracted at all when he works in the scorching sun. Similarly, regardless of the torrential rain or the severe cold, the farmer is engaged in agricultural work.

There is no place for rest in the life of a farmer. He is constantly engaged in his work. No obstacle can deter him from his duties. Despite leading a life of deprivation, he is of contented nature. The farmer who is born out of want lives in want and only in want leaves this world.

However, some happiness has returned in the life of the farmer since independence. The government has started paying attention to the farmers. Many schemes are being run by the government in an effort to reduce their shortage. From time to time, farmers are being informed about new research done in agriculture by agricultural experts by organizing workshops in the villages. Apart from this, high quality seeds, modern agricultural machinery, fertilizers etc. are being provided to them at subsidized rates. To improve their economic condition and to do commercial farming, loans are being provided by the government at very low interest rates. Canals and tube wells are being installed for irrigation in the fields. Due to all these factors, the standard of living of the farmer has improved a lot. His financial condition has also improved to a great extent. Yet much remains to be done, as the benefits of government facilities are limited to large farmers. The government should make serious efforts to improve the condition of small and poor farmers, because India’s prosperity lies in the prosperity of the farmer.


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