‘There Survival Is In Our Hand’- Theme For International Tiger’s Day.


11 years of TX2 and India is on top.

Jaipur. Today on 29 July world celebrate International Tiger’s Day with the theme of ‘There Survival Is In Our Hand’ and marks 11 years of International Tiger’s Day. The idea behind celebrating is to create awareness for conservation of Tiger’s and save them, the idea of this day first appeared in 2010 in world Tiger summit held in Saint PT. Russia and celebrated ever since. This summit happens between 13 world Tiger range countries which are India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam. Also, in this summit these countries agreed on TX2 project which emphasis on doubling Tiger’s population on that time which was around 3200 till 2022. The devastating fact is, that on the beginning of 20th century world Tiger population is around 1lakh and by the end 2010 it is only 3200 and almost 95% of Tiger’s population have been killed of lose.

But there is good news for Indian wildlife lovers as India has completed its target of doubling up Tiger’s in 2018 and according to the census which track record of Tiger’s in 2018 India has 2967 Tiger’s, in which Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Uttarakhand consist 526,524 and 442 number of Tiger’s respectively. Which also make them top three states in conservation of Tiger’s. In 2014 there are around 692 protected areas for Tiger which increased by 860 in 2019 in India.

P.M Narendra Modi too twitted today congratulating wild life lovers on International Tiger’s Day and stating the fact that India is now consist 70% of Tiger’s in whole world.


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