This Indian company is making corona medicine with horse antibodies, know how long it will come in the market?


    Maharashtra’s iSera Biological is working on such a drug of corona, using which the RTPCR report can come negative in 72 to 90 hours. If all goes well, then by the end of this year the drug can come in the market.

    Surgyan Maurya

    Work is going on fast on another medicine against Coronavirus . The special thing is that This drug of Corona (Anti Covid Drugs) is being made by a company built near Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The name of this company is iSera Biological , which is just 4 years old company.

    iSera Biologicals manufactures effective medicines for the treatment of snake bites and diphtheria. But now the company is also going to make Covid medicine . According to the report, the first phase trial of the company’s anti-covid drug is going on , And the results that have come out so far have been very good. RTPCR test of corona infected patient is coming negative in 72 to 90 hours due to use of this medicine .

    The Serum Institute of India (SII) of Pune has also assisted iSera Biological in making the drug of Corona. It is claimed that the company has prepared such a cocktail of antibodies, Which can prevent the spread of infection in patients with mild and moderate symptoms of corona and can also eliminate the existing virus in the body.

    Horse-drawn Corona antibodies
    The special thing is that the help of horses has been taken in preparing antibodies. The company’s director (new product) Nandkumar Gautam told that Antibodies have been developed by injecting a specific antigen extracted from the coronavirus into horses. *SII helped in selecting the right antigen. Also helped in selecting the chemicals that produce antibodies in the infected patient.”

    Effective on every mutation of Corona!
    iSera claims that their drug is a pure mixture of Corona antibodies, which can be used on the advice of a doctor. The company also claims that their drug is much better than other monoclonal drugs.

    When can it come in the market and price
    The cost of one injection will be around Rs. If this drug is given to the patient in the early stage of infection, then its effect will be very high. iSera is planning to conduct Phase-2 and Phase-3 trials in September and October this year. If all goes well, then by the end of this year the drug can come in the market.


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