Thousands of Afghans trapped in spin boldak to go to Pakistan


Pakistan Home Minister, who is rushing to go out of the country, said, now no refugee camp will be built.

Nancy Tirthani
After the Taliban’s capturization of Afghanistan, the worst condition is in Spin Boldak, bordering Pakistan. Thousands of Afghan citizens are stranded here, who want to go to Pakistan. Here Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has clearly said that no new refugee camp will be built on the border.

According to Pazwok Afghan News, thousands of Afghan citizens have gathered in the Spin Boldak district of southern Kandahar province. All of them want to go to Pakistan to get out of the country after the situation worsens in Afghanistan. All the families are mostly from North and East Afghanistan. From the border only Pakistan and Kandahar’s identity cards are being allowed to go to Pakistan. Abdul Badood is one of those Afghan nationals who have come from Mazar-e-Sharif and are staying here with five members of his family. He wants to leave the country after being captured by the Taliban. He is worried about the future of himself and the family. He told that there are many families here, who do not even have money to buy food for their children. Thousands of people remain at the gate hoping that they will get a chance to go out of the country. Here according to Pretr, Pakistan’s Home Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that the violence-hit neighboring country is fleeing for Afghan citizens. New refugee camp not being built.
He said that on 15 August Taliban capture Kabul during the evacuation operation after from Afghanistan thousands of visas were made.


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