Time Management is the key to success


Nancy Tirthani
. The famous poet and playwright has said – “I wasted time, now time is destroying me.” Man’s life is priceless, which occupies a special place in the world. Time waits for no one. All the works of nature are fixed. Time is on time. The speed of time is very fast. One who lags behind it always regrets it.

So there is a need to make good use of time. Time is the money which is wasted if it is not used properly. We know the importance of time when the train is missed due to a delay of two minutes. Only those people are successful in life who follow the time.

There is a lot of misuse of time in our country. Waste time is wasted in useless things. A lot of time is wasted even in the name of entertainment. Many people find pleasure in wasting time. This tendency is harmful. One cannot be happy by wasting time. Julius Caesar arrived at the meeting five minutes late and lost his life. Napoleon was defeated by Nelson due to his army arriving a few minutes late. Time does not wait for anyone.

How do we make good use of time? First of all, we should complete our work in given time. Delay in work shows carelessness towards time. Even after completing a certain task on time, time is saved. Apart from this, we can do social welfare work in time. Can help the poor and needy. For knowledge-enhancement and entertainment, one can read books in extra time. If we are interested in creative work, then we can make good use of time by doing that work. Time can also be utilized properly by doing gardening in the courtyard of the house. Never leave today’s work for tomorrow.

Time is short, but work is more. So it is very important to be punctual. The saying of ‘time is not gone’ should be kept in mind. You should mold yourself according to the pace of time. With proper use of time, even a rook becomes a king and a fool becomes a scholar. Time is even more valuable to the student class. The same student gets good marks who makes good use of time. Never waste time, there is wisdom in that.

People who care about time, they never fail in life. Success kisses their feet. We should always try not to waste time. Making full use of time is the key to success.


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