Today’s Savings Tomorrow’s Happiness


Nancy Tirthani
The present life is resting on the materialistic approach. The inventions of science are making every effort to make our life very happy. Due to this, the person keeps on trying to get more and more things. He wants that he should also maintain his prestige in the society and should not be less than anyone. For this he tries to raise money to buy modern equipment. Most of his income is spent on the purchase of these items.

It is true that the utility of money lies in its expenditure, but we have to think not only about the present but also about the future. If we spend all our income today i.e. in the present time, then how will we be able to face any sudden calamity in the coming time. The calamity neither comes by saying nor does it go away without taking a remedy. We are also well aware of the fact that nothing works in the absence of money. In English there is a saying “Money makes the mare go”. Attention should also be paid to the matter.

Saving instinct is found in all living beings from ant to ant. The ant also stores food for the coming calamity. Saving gives us the guarantee of certainty about future life. Some of the money we are earning in the present must be saved for future also. This will make our future secure and happy. We should not waste our income in the temptation of buying unnecessary things. One should make a definite plan and save.

There are various ways to save. We can invest our money for the country and society by buying National Savings Certificate. We will also benefit from this. Savings and protection can also be obtained by buying policies of Insurance Corporation. Savings can be done by opening savings accounts in post offices and banks. The feeling of social welfare can also be fulfilled through savings.

Today’s savings make our tomorrow’s life happy. Savings provide us money to meet contingencies. Today’s savings are the only means to keep old age happy. We should not expect anyone to help us. Saving generates confidence. Saving at this time is not difficult, but with it we lay the foundation of happiness for the future. So we should focus on saving. Saving does not mean cutting down on necessary expenditure, but it is necessary to control wasteful expenditure.

It is often seen that in many families, due to the sudden death of the head of the family, a serious financial crisis deepens. If the family saves in time, then the crisis becomes lighter.


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