Top 5 haunted places of India- Stories and Myths


    Friends, you must have heard a lot about ghosts, maybe in childhood people would have scared you that don’t go here, don’t go there… otherwise, the ghost will catch you, the witch will take it away! Most of those childhood things were for laughs and jokes, but today I am telling you about some such haunted places in India which can never be taken for fun because these are such places where not one, not two. Rather, hundreds of people have had horrific experiences.

    Bhangarh Fort
    The fort of Bhangarh, which falls between Jaipur and Alwar in Rajasthan, is considered to be one of the scariest places in India, people say about this place that afternoon in the night, there is a camp of ghosts, and here But no one can spend the night because whoever stays here during the night dies in the morning, many TV serials have been made on this fort of Bhangarh.
    According to the people, a Tantrik living in the 16th-century Bhangarh, who was known as Singhia, had fallen in love with Ratnavati, the beautiful princess of Bhangarh. The Tantrik wanted to get the princess in any condition, but he could not do anything, but one day the princess’s friend went to get hair oil for her from the market, when she was returning with the oil, the Tantrik did black magic in her. , so that the princess would run to him as soon as he put it on.
    But the princess came to know about his trick. The princess spilt the oil on the ground. It is said that as soon as the oil fell, it turned into a ball of stone and while rolling it moved towards the Tantrik and crushed it. The Tantrik got angry with this and gave a curse as he died that Bhangarh would be destroyed and those who died would not get salvation….Soon his curse proved to be true and Bhangarh fort turned into ruins.
    Even today people believe that the souls of all those who died here are wandering here, and many people have died here during the night. Because of this, the Archaeological Department of India has also put up a board here that after dusk and before dawn, entry into this fort is prohibited.

    Delhi Cantt
    The Cantt area of ​​Delhi, the capital of India, is also a haunt of ghosts. It is said about this area that during the night, a girl asks people for a lift and whoever gives a lift to that girl, something untoward happens to her, people in this area of ​​Delhi have asked for a lift many times. A woman wearing a white sari is seen asking for a lift.
    People also say that if someone refuses to give her a lift, she starts following him at a high speed. Let us also tell you that many people have seen that that woman goes ahead of them at a faster speed than their car and this scene is very scary.

    Kuldhara Village (Rajasthan)
    This village is also considered to be a scary and haunted village located in Rajasthan, which has been lying in ruins for the last 170 years, although earlier it used to be a happy and populated village where Paliwal Brahmins used to live from 1291 AD, who disappeared overnight in 1825. Since then, the sound of these Brahmins is felt by the people who come to visit here.
    It is said about this village that once a minister whose name was Salim Singh wanted to marry a beautiful girl of this village, but when the villagers opposed it, he imposed double the rent on the villagers. Due to this the people there vacated this village overnight and went somewhere.
    No one knows where they went, how they went, but they cursed this village that no human would ever be able to settle here. no one goes here.

    Shaniwarwada Fort (Pune)
    Shaniwarwada Fort located in Pune was built by Veer Bajirao Peshwa in 1746 AD. It is said that a small Peshwa was brutally murdered in this fort. Local people say that even today the sound of crying of that child was heard. gives

    Often on the night of the new moon, one hears the painful cries of the child who calls save, so far many people have claimed to hear this voice.

    Tunnel No. 33

    Although Shimla is related to many haunted places, many such places are considered to be haunted, but the scariest and most famous among them is tunnel no.33, which was entrusted with the responsibility of building an Englishman named Baroque, but he made a difference in getting the tunnel built. Had made a big mistake that he had started the work of constructing the tunnel on both sides at once.
    But in the end, both the ends of the tunnel could not be found, due to which a fine of one rupee was imposed on him. Frustrated with his failure, that English engineer shot himself in the same tunnel.

    Many people have claimed to have seen the wandering soul of that engineer in the tunnel, so a warning board has also been put up to prevent people from going into this tunnel.


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