Top 8 mind-blowing fun facts about your friends that will put smile on your face!!!!


    Preeti Sharma.

    Can you imagine this world without your friends? It would be pretty boring and depression would take over our lives. Whether we accept it or not ,we need friends at all phases of life. We need them through the highs and the lows. The interesting thing is that even science agrees to all these facts.

    So here are some facts about your friend that will blow your mind!!

    1.Animal can form life long friendships with individuals that are not from their species.

    Friendship is one of the strongest relationship in world even animals have their bffs!!! Well this is a fact that chimpanzees, baboons, horses, dolphins make friends ,not necessarily from their own species well you must have been remembering tom and Jerry in this case.

    2.In a lifetime, you make 396 friends but only one out of 12 friendships last .

    *So forget about quantity because the thing which matters is quality!!

    3.Not having best friend can be dangerous for your health.

    Lonely ? Please listen up! Having zero friends is as dangerous as smoking or being overweight.

    4.A 2004 study published in American sociological Review said that the average number of trusted friend have been decreased one third in past 20 years and people having depression and anxiety are increased in same period of time .

    *True friendship is like medicine of every difficult situation in life!!!
    So keep your medicine always with you.

    5.It’s the friendship espect in a marriage that makes it last.

    According to study a successful marriage is based on a deep friendship. Mutual respect for each other, plus good knowledge of likes and dislikes of your partner matters a lot .

    *Search for a friend you will automatically find your partner!!!

    6.When faced with major illness , individuals with good social network are in a better position in life.

    *Hence proved in this corona period.

    7.It is scientifically proven that company of good friends can reduce stress.

    *so keep in touch with your loved ones.

    8.Our friends are pretty much like us!!!

    *It’s right for most cases – you and your best friend share same social identity for your other friends and social circle .

    Imagine the beauty of this emotion! Having Friends can make the journey of your life more interesting and easy.
    So people if you like the facts and wanna know more facts about other things then stay connected with


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