Unique world of Advertising


Nancy Tirthani
Advertisement is made up of a combination of two words – V (Special) + Memorandum (information). Advertising means giving specific information about something, its characteristics etc. Present Era Appearance gn * 1/6 = 0 Look, new items related to face-feature, fashion etc. appear in the market every now and then. Companies make and present them in more and more attractive manner. Advertisement is the act of conveying information about these items to the people. Radio, TV, roadside banners and billboards, newspapers, magazines, etc. all appear colourful, attractive and full of talkative advertisements. In the present era, it is not possible to run a company without advertisements. The need of advertisements is increasing day by day. These have also become necessary because, through advertisement sitting at home, we get complete information about the new items coming in the market. The customer can make a decision on the basis of that information and buy the goods. Different companies make the same type of goods. Advertising also helps in the choice of which company’s item is cheap, durable and of good quality.

There are mainly two types of advertisements – government advertisements and advertisements of private companies. Government advertisements contain information and messages of public interest issued by the government; For example, advertisements informing the public about ‘Pulse Polio Day’ to save their children from the deadly disease called polio, advertisements based on the information given by the police department to avoid bombs, thefts, killers, etc. The advertisements issued by private companies are only for earning economic profit by increasing the sale of the goods made by them. Their aim is to attract consumers to themselves through attractive, beautiful, colorful advertisements. Private companies take big film stars in advertisements, so that people get attracted to them and use their products more.

Advertising has many benefits; As information about the product is obtained by sitting at home, there is no need to wander here and there in the market, the shape and size of the object is also estimated through the picture. Sometimes producers also resort to ‘discounts’ and ‘gifts’ etc. to increase sales, which the customers get to know. So many times even though The gullible consumer also gets trapped by buying a substandard product that is attractively promoted. For this not to happen, it is necessary that the customers should use their discretion by not going on the show, not getting caught in the word-web and buy the same thing, which is good and of good credit. Today’s consumer needs to be aware, as the market is flooded with imitations of best looking goods of the same kind. So in conclusion it can be said that attractive do not go by the appearance of the advertisement and buy the items only after thinking.


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