Very encouraging data from Chandrayaan-2: ISRO


Two years completed in the Moon’s orbit
Completed more than 9,000 parikramas.

Nancy Tirthani

Etawah. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) said on Monday that the Indian spacecraft ‘Chandrayaan-2’ has completed more than 9,000 orbits of the Moon and the scientific instruments on it have provided very encouraging data.

ISRO is organizing a two-day ‘Lunar Science Workshop, 2021’ from Monday to mark the completion of two years of Chandrayaan-2’s orbit in the Moon’s orbit. In his opening speech, ISRO Chairman K. Sivan said that the eight instruments mounted on Chandrayaan-2 are observing the moon from a height of about 100 km from the surface. According to ISRO, on this occasion, Sivan released the data of the instruments mounted on Chandrayaan-2 as well as the results of the data and scientific documents. “Its scientific data is being made available for analysis by academies and institutions so that maximum scientific findings can be arrived at through greater participation in the Chandrayaan-2 mission,” the organization said. Sivan said he has reviewed the scientific results and found them extremely encouraging.

AS Kiran Kumar, current chairman of Apex Science Board at ISRO and former chairman of ISRO, said that the imaging and scientific instruments onboard Chandrayaan-2 are providing excellent data. “In fact, many new features have been added to the instruments of Chandrayaan-2 which have taken the observations made by Chandrayaan-1 to newer and greater heights,” he said. Chandrayaan-2’s project director Vanitha M. said that all its sub-systems are working properly. Hopefully this will give good data for many more years. Let us know that this workshop of ISRO is being live streaming on its website and Facebook page.


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