Vijay Kiragandur told – The film was shot in a dangerous place like Cyanide area, where it took 30 to 40 days to build a set


The story behind the making of the film? This was the scale of the film and the number of people attending it every day

Shivani Agarwal

Special conversation with the producer of ‘KGF-2’: The trailer of South’s superstar Yash’s most awaited film ‘KGF-2’ has been released a day ago (March 27). The trailer of the film is going viral on social media since its release. Fans are very fond of the trailer and are also praising it fiercely. Now recently, in a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, the producer of ‘KGF-2’ Vijay Kiragandur has shared many things related to the film. Vijay Kiragandur is the producer and founder of ‘Hombel Films’. He also produced ‘KGF-1’.

What is the story behind the making of this film?
The story behind the making of the film? This was the scale of the film and the number of people attending it every day. For about 50 to 60 days, there used to be 1000 junior artists on set at any one time. So that was one of the biggest challenge before us. And the way the sets were put up like this, it was a big job. Like big sets were put up and each set took around 30-40 days to build so that the scale and action could be done with the kind of highlights in the film.

Challenges facing you that you would like to talk about?
The biggest challenge was Kovid. Then moreover, the main portion of the film was shot in KGF itself and it was now a cyanide area with lots of dust and the shoot was not in a hurry. So we had a lot of challenges ahead of us considering the weather. If it had rained, all would have been well. Otherwise, there would be a lot of dust on sunny days. This was an important part of the challenge. Like, we did an initial shoot of about 60 to 70 days in ‘KGF’ itself. Then there it was a big challenge.

Where was the action sequence of the film shot?
Most of the action sequences have been covered in Jindal Factory, KGF and Bangalore as well. So 90% of the shooting was done in Karnataka and part of it was shot in Rajasthan as well. There is also a promotional song, which we have shot in all the cities during the KGF celebrations. It is not a part of the main film, but it will come in the end as a promotional song. It was shot in almost all the states across the country. Just one song was shot like this.

How different will Rocky’s character be this time in ‘KGF-2’?
You can watch Rocky’s full transformation here. A complete change from the old Rocky to the new Rocky, but this time the reason is the fight against evil. There’s a different transformation that will make you see a completely different Rocky.

Is there anything special for the lead actress in the film this time around or is Rocky the only prime face?
No, it is not completely focused on Rocky as the main core of the story depends on a woman like mother. Mother’s feeling. There are a lot of values ​​related to women and there is an important role for heroine as well. Women have also been included in the poster released on Wednesday. Raveena is in an important role in this. There is also a lot of focus on women in the film.

Do you have any script ready for Bollywood too?
Planning is on. We are finalizing the script. For the time being, I would just say that we finalize the deal with the director based on the demand of the script and then choose the starcast. We are almost finalizing the script for the Hindi film. If the script demands some A-listers from Bollywood, we will go ahead and select the starcast as per the demand of the director and script. So there are some plans which we will announce very soon. Right now it’s just that we have some plans in the film. Even if the film is in Hindi, we will also sell regional films like multilingual.

Got a message for the fans of ‘KGF’?
Looking at the product, such as the belief that the film is going to set a benchmark in Indian cinema and fulfill the expectations of all the fans and the product/output has turned out to be so good, it will surely create a benchmark among the Indian citizens. So it is at the global level. We expect it to be a benchmark for Kannada cinema. That’s what I would like to say.


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