Tanuj Bansal.

    Addiction, what is addiction? Addiction is a disease, a biopsychological disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli even knowing the adverse consequences that means a need and a helplessness developed by our mind for anything that make us feel pleasure in our mind and that happens because of the hormones that are released. Ever imagined that addiction is not just of drugs and that it can be of anything. Romantic love between two is the most basic example of addiction compared with substance abuse. If you are intimately acquainted with someone you will feel the same symptoms as drug addiction that are cravings, euphoria, withdrawal, and other behaviors. Dopamine is released during attraction; oxytocin is released during hugging and orgasms. Just the same way it happens with drugs our happy hormones rewards with feelings of joy and we get addicted to be in joy all the time but the negative thing is it harms us in more ways than we can ever think of. WHY does love and drugs are related in this article? well because when you ask a young addict, 80% of them will have the answer of the loss of a loved one by being apart or the death itself and remaining just wanted to experience it once in their lifetime the artificially developed joy. But when someone falls deeper, he founds himself in a well of darkness and as its all dark in his mind he even refuses the hands that were offered him to get out the hell’s well. It makes you dishonest, impatient, you lose your character, your qualities, you lose your health, and the remaining love you had in your life. Its like dying everyday till you actually die, till our mind shuts down, till there are no breaths left. You don’t just kill yourselves slowly, painfully and horribly, you do the same to the people whom you love and call yours and who loves you. you lose everything that is known to you and even your existence. You become sad ones with nothing but crying over the past and the present and you forget the future you can have. It’s a war, an Armageddon on your life. But as there’s always a door in a dark room from where the light can come back but you got to reach the door yourself, you have to open it and let the light come so you can see there is whole another world behind that door and that wasn’t just light it is your whole future.

    Here, comes the helping hands of rehabilitation center and the footsteps provide by the program of Narcotics Anonymous. The door you were afraid to reach has opened once you take the hands N.A. provides you. Here you don’t just move on from drug addiction but you move on from bad habits that can lead you into it again, here you learn about your new life that has been given to you. Here you learn DOs and DON’Ts of life of an addict, how to overcome unfavorable situations, negativity all around you has been taken out by the people here. No more darkness, loneliness or sadness, just you, your new life and what you will make of it. But you are the one to open the door and moving on from your past life to new one. Its always going to be a war, everyday is the day you fight but harder you fight the easier it gets, your life is maybe a warzone now but it won’t be a wasteland like it was before. Everything you lost will come back to you as soon as you earn them back. Once you are in your recovery, hold on to it tightly, embrace it and cherish it and for sure you will have more than you ever lost or you ever thought of.



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