What Are Pornographic Laws In India.


Jaipur. As Shilpa Shetty’s husband and British based businessmen Raj Kundra has been arrested by Mumbai police alleged as key conspirator in making and distributing of pornographic content in India on OTT platforms and Websites. Pornography is not at all a small thing now there 420 million pornographic content websites in world you should know what is pornographic content according to Indian rules and what are the laws which prevent or criminalise pornographic content. So what is pornography according to Indian law-

 ‘Pornography’ is “relating or presentation sexual acts in arrange to cause sexual stimulation through books, films, etc.” but was pornography actually banned in India the answer is NO, supreme court states that a person watching porn content in private comes under freedom of speech and expression act.19(1)(A). but government can put some restriction have some power with it, which comes with freedom of speech and expression act. 19(2). But transmitting, filming and uploading of pornographic content or any obscene scene is illegal under section 292 and 293.

Indian law is also very strict on child pornography and offencer was booked under 67-B of IT act,2000. If anyone download, store, transmit, film which include any minor or child pornography he/she can get 5 year of imprisonment or 10 lakh RS fine.

There are also, laws such as (Young Persons Harmful Publication Act, 1956 and Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986). But still India’s IT laws are in grey as it doesn’t legalise pornography but it is not illegal too. But now some states like Uttar Pradesh is getting curb on these content as watching porn online is too crime in Uttar Pradesh.


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