Whether boy or girl, both are equal


Nancy Tirthani

Etawah. In our society there is discrimination between boys and girls. The birth of a boy is celebrated with joy and the birth of a girl is mourned. This trend is by no means justified. At present the population is increasing at a rapid pace and it is very important to control it. So the number of children has to be limited. Now only one child is considered sufficient. We have to treat boys and girls alike.

If we consider carefully, we will find that girls are not less than boys in any way. They are proving to be the best in terms of education and job. The girl also does not lag behind in enhancing the prestige of the family. She also stays a step ahead in serving the parents. We should also give due respect to the girl in our family.

Both boys and girls are equally needed by the society. Having only one will disturb the balance of the society, so it is not appropriate to wish only for a boy. Whichever of the two, that’s fine. Both are same. The boy can also be a coward and damage the reputation of the family. It depends on person to person. We do idealistic things a lot, like where women are worshiped, gods reside there, but have not been able to adopt it in practice. From now on we have to be pragmatists. Boys and girls have to be treated equally. In this is our good.

Till now a lot of injustice has been done to girls. He is not given a place in the family and society. Girls are becoming a victim of inferiority complex. This situation is not going to last long. There has been a change in the situation of both. Now girls have started getting respectable place in the society by their achievements. This situation is preferable. This is even more important in the case of family planning. We have to treat both boys and girls as equal, only then justice will be done to them.


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