Women beaten up in Kabul


Taliban fire tear gas at protesting women.

Nancy Tirthani
Etawah. In many cities of Afghanistan, women have stood up for their rights. In Kabul, women march towards the President’s Palace after a sit-in. The demonstration turned violent when the women were stopped. The Taliban beat up women and fired tear gas. Several women have been reported injured.
According to Tolo News, women have been protesting for their rights in Kabul for two days. Their demand is that their participation in the government should also be fixed. He should be given a place in the cabinet, Loya Jirga and other government committees. During the dharna, the women also organized a march to the Rashtrapati Palace. As the crowd of women started moving towards the Presidential Palace, the Taliban used force and fired tear gas shells on them, during which many women were also beaten up. Bleeding women’s rights activist Nargis Sadat told that the Taliban had beaten her very badly. According to eyewitnesses, the Taliban also opened fire to disperse the women.
The marching women said that their dharna would continue till their demands were not met. Hearing the words of the Taliban, it seemed that they had changed something, but it is not so. The Taliban is still atrocities against women. There has been a mixed reaction from Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid regarding women’s rights. Where is that women who were working in the government, they should stay at home for the time being. He would first like to ensure their safety on the roads and in offices.


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